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Hello! My name is Peter Petrov.

I am (as of 2020) a software developer/engineer with over 20 years of experience. I know Java and SQL (Postgres, SQL Server) very well, and a few other languages too like Python and JavaScript. In the very distant past I had done some basic university projects also in C, C++, C#, Lisp, Prolog but yeah... as of 2020 I do not claim to have any serious knowledge of these languages. In the last 14-15 years I've been programming professionally only in Java (mostly using Spring) and SQL (T-SQL, PL/pgSQL).

I also have a PhD degree in Informatics, specialty Bioinformatics. More info about that can be found here:

But OK... that's not why I am here. I've always had a passion for math and problem solving. As a high school student I did competitive math for 5-6 years. I didn't make it to the IMO or anywhere near but on the national level I had very stable to very good results.

So now as a somewhat seasoned software developer... in my free time I sometimes read some math stuff for fun, or just refresh my rusty university knowledge of various math disciplines like real analysis, discrete math, probability and statistics, and others. I still like problem solving a lot, no matter if it's a 6th grade problem or a problem from university level math.

In this blog I am going to try to collect various things which I usually encounter, like a lot, then solve and forget about. There have been thousands of them over the years. Unfortunately I was too lazy before to start collecting any notes. I will try to do a bit better going forward.

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