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IPython commands

IPython basic commands

1) ? after module / object / method name - show help info

2) ?? after module / object / method name - show detailed help info (usually the source code)

3) <TAB> after object or while typing object/method - auto-completion

4) <TAB> when importing - auto-completion 


from <module> import <TAB>

from itertools import co<TAB>

IPython keyboard shortcuts 

1) Navigation shortcuts: 

Ctrl-a - Move cursor to the beginning of the line

Ctrl-e - Move cursor to the end of the line

Ctrl-b (or the left arrow key) - Move cursor back one character

Ctrl-f (or the right arrow key) - Move cursor forward one character

2) Text manipulation shortcuts: 

Backspace key - Delete previous character in line

Ctrl-d - Delete next character in line

Ctrl-k - Cut text from cursor to end of line

Ctrl-u - Cut text from beginning of line to cursor

Ctrl-y - Yank (i.e., paste) text that was previously cut

Ctrl-t - Transpose (i.e., switch) previous two characters

3) Command history shortcuts: 

Ctrl-p (or the up arrow key) - Access previous command in history

Ctrl-n (or the down arrow key) - Access next command in history

Ctrl-r - Reverse-search through command history

4) Miscellaneous Shortcuts:

Ctrl-l - Clear terminal screen

Ctrl-c - Interrupt current Python command

Ctrl-d - Exit IPython session

IPython magic commands - more info can be found here

IPython general information - see here

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